Before establishing a connection with

There is no need to monitor our performance on a daily basis; once a month is more than enough.

Additionally, if any issues arise with your account, we will send you an email. Therefore, you do not need to manually check its proper functioning.

The cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile. Have confidence in our strategy, and unless otherwise stated via email, refrain from manually trading on your account once it is properly synchronized.

If the market conditions are unfavorable, we will take care of disabling it ourselves to preserve your capital as much as possible.

Once the market conditions improve, we will reactivate it accordingly.

If you have any questions, please consult our FAQ first. If you are unable to find a satisfactory answer, you can contact us at any time using the following email addresses:

  • For subscription members:

  • For Management Mandate:

➡️ If you wish to add or withdraw funds and you are not under a Management Mandate, you have two options:

  1. Wait until we are out of the market, meaning the portfolio is 100% in stablecoins.

  2. Add additional funds now and then resynchronize your account from CryptoTrader app by clicking the "Synchronize Account" button.

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