3 - Link to CryptoTrader

How to link your exchange platform with CryptoTrader.app

You now have API keys to link CryptoTrader with your exchange platform.

It's now time to use these API keys to enable Automated Trading.

  1. On this page, select the exchange platform you wish to sync and enter CryptoTrader in the "Name..." field on the API key management page. Then copy and paste the API keys you just generated and click "Add" (Ajouter).

  2. Proceed to this page and click the button to enable Automated Trading.

  3. Check your inbox for the activation confirmation email. If it has been moved by a spam filter or email rule, it may be located in the Spam folder. If you haven't received an email, please contact us at the following email addresses:

  • For subscription members: contact@cryptotrader.app

  • For members enrolled in a Management Mandate: vip@cryptotrader.app

Congratulations, your account has been successfully connected!

If you want to cancel your subscription, make sure to come back to CryptoTrader before deleting the API keys. By using the "Full Sell" button (Revente totale), you can easily convert all your cryptocurrencies into stablecoin with a single click.

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