2f - Connect to HyperLiquid

How to connect HyperLiquid with CryptoTrader.app

HyperLiquid is a decentralized exchange. Please be aware that any mishandling can result in the loss of your funds.

Trading on HyperLiquid involves futures contracts with 1x leverage, leading to funding fees.

Follow the steps below to configure a HyperLiquid account and enable automated management of your funds.

1. Wallet Setup

  1. Choose a decentralized wallet such as MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Brave Wallet.

  2. Download and install your chosen wallet on your device.

  3. Create a new wallet or import an existing one by following the instructions provided.

  4. Save your recovery phrase in a secure location. Never share this phrase with anyone.

2. Getting Started with Your Wallet

  1. Add Arbitrum One and switch to this network by entering the following information.

  2. Transfer enough ETH to the Arbitrum One network to cover gas fees.

  3. Transfer USDC, also via the Arbitrum One network. This amount should correspond to the funds you wish to allocate to our automated strategy.

3. Establishing Wallet Connection

  1. Click here to access HyperLiquid.

  2. Click on the Connect button at the top right of the homepage. Select the type of wallet you have installed from the list of options.

  3. Confirm the connection from your wallet. You should see your wallet address appear in the top right corner of the HyperLiquid homepage.

  4. In the Portfolio section, click on the Deposit button.

  5. Transfer the desired amount in USDC via the Arbitrum network and confirm the transaction from your wallet.

4. Wallet Synchronization

  1. Click here to access the API manager.

  2. Name the key pair CryptoTrader, click on Generate, and then on Authorize API Wallet.

  3. Copy the private key you just generated into a temporary document. It will be needed to complete the final step of our documentation.

  4. Click on Authorize and validate the transaction in your wallet.

Your API keys have been successfully generated. You can proceed to the final step, which can be found in the left menu of this documentation under the section "3 - Linking to CryptoTrader."

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