2a - Connect to Kraken

How to connect Kraken with CryptoTrader.app

Ensure you have read and understood the required prerequisites before continuing. Please refer to the "Must-knows" page in the left menu.

Follow the steps below to configure a Kraken account and enable automated management of your funds.

Before proceeding, ensure that your SPOT wallet contains only USDT.

  1. Log in to your Kraken account.

  2. Click here to access the page for generating new API keys.

  3. Next, click the Add Key button :

  1. Label your key by naming it: CryptoTrader in the "Key Description" box, and leave "0" in the Nonce Window :

  1. To ensure proper order execution, API keys must possess the following permissions:

Kraken Interface :

Kraken PRO Interface :

  1. Select the IP whitelisting checkbox and include the following three IP addresses:




Next, click on the Generate Key button at the bottom of the page.

Your API keys have been successfully generated. Before proceeding to the final step located in the left menu of this documentation under the section '3 - Link to CryptoTrader', please make sure to keep the pop-up window containing the newly created public and private keys open, or copy them into a temporary file.

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